Natasha Forouzannia is an Actor in Chicago, IL. 

Natasha's Talent Agent is Shirley Hamilton Inc., and Lily's Talent Agency for Print Modeling. She is currently modeling and acting on a weekly basis in the Chicago area.

She was born and raised in Michigan and has obtained a degree in Business Marketing from Michigan State University.

Natasha's father, Ali, is Persian and her mother, Xenia, is Panamanian. During her shared childhood with sister Semira, she was heavily exposed to both cultures as well as Japanese culture and values. This mix concocted a warm stew of discipline, hard work, responsibility, humor, diversity, food, art, health and dancing. Her mother, Xenia, was a part of a dominantly Japanese social circle that became a strong part of her upbringing. Even most of Natasha and Semira's childhood clothing and art that hung in their house was brought over as gifts from Japan or Iran. 

Ali being an engineer and Xenia an artist, growing up was a beautiful balance between logic and creativity. As a child and preteen Natasha spent family outings browsing museums of art or science. Being a hyper child that could do cartwheels for two hours straight, she was put in every sport imaginable to help "tire her out". Let’s just say her nicknames consisted of “Nutty” and “Baka” (which means crazy in Japanese).

Her other interests include fitness, froyo, film, culture, food, marketing, music, musicals, art, traveling and writing.

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